Hello! My name is Christiana Giglia, let me tell you a little bit about myself...


I have been working as a freelance graphic designer for the past 10 years. I started designsbychristiana, when I moved to Australia in 2010. Prior to DBC, I graduated from Union College in 2006 with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Art and Anthropology. After graduating I worked as a marketing coordinator for an International Engineering Company for 3.5 years.

Starting my own company was always a dream of mine. I am so passionate about what I do. I take on every project, big or small, with the same determination. Working for myself keeps me humble and hungry for more. My drive brings clients back, gets me great referrals and has helped me continue to do what I love.

I have had clients from all different types of industries, from many different parts of the world. This broad range of experience has added to the uniqueness of my particular design style. Each client has brought a new challenge to my plate, which has only pushed me to be more successful in my craft.

With digital technology paving the way of the future, the need to stand out visually has become more essential than ever before. I work diligently with my clients to give them the most authentic and fitting designs to help their companies grow.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Logo design.

Committed to Your Vision

My logos are timeless, clean, unique and fitting for my clients needs. My logo design skills will take your visual media to a whole new level!

Web design.

Exceeding Expectations

I have worked on a wide range of websites, and my advanced Art Direction skills help create stunning graphics and visuals that appeal to a wider audience and contribute to the success of my clients.

Brand development.

Guaranteed Success

Whether it's a rebrand or starting from scratch my detailed process results in a brand that helps get my clients to the next level of success. I have built brands for small start-ups, large companies, and non-profits in a broad range of industries.


Capturing the Moment

Providing photography for my clients adds a personal touch to their businesses as well as allows me to create the whole picture creatively. Who needs stock photography when your graphic designer can also do all your photography!


It’s rare when you find a designer that thinks creatively to produce a beautiful web product while also achieving new functionality that is essential to our firm’s goals. Our business requires sensitivity to what our clients are currently accustomed  to in a web portal but also advancements towards what our prospects are looking for to be converted into customers. Christiana not only realized these accomplishments for us, she helped us formulate these thoughts, needs, and desires at the outset of the project – and ultimately, in the most simplistic sense, helped us tell our story. Christiana showed us how to convey our story - not how we are structured and what we do, but the identity we have from the values we hold closest to us. Christiana’s work was not limited to the design of our web presence; we also leaned heavily on her to work with the development team who spoke and coded in a language completely foreign to our team. She managed that relationship from the outset through completion of the project so that our team could focus on our core business. We are already looking forward to engaging Christiana in our next marketing project to build on the foundation she created for us in our web redesign.

-Alex Bain, Bainco International Investors
Business Development Specialist, Marketing Associate

Christiana is our go-to outsource designer for all our client projects. She has worked on everything from website projects to branding to social media campaigns. We trust her and she has always been reliable. Her out-of-the box thinking sets her apart - always coming up with new and creative ideas.

-Tracy Barac, Account Director at Global View Communication (GVC)

-Alberto Tomasini, Chairman/CEO of Ovtene, Inc.

Our company needed some advertising literature; Christiana worked closely with us in developing a perfect business flyer, and in the process she helped to improve our overall brand identity. She works quickly, with a superb level of professionalism and great attention to detail. I would highly recommend her services.

-Andrew Robb, Owner of North Country Boatworks

-Karen Field, CEO of drummond street services in Australia

Christiana was dynamic, responsive and above all patient - helping us shape our ideas and create a new brand. She was always making an effort to get a handle on what our organisation was about and the messages we wanted to give out. For Drummond Street Christiana was able to work with us in pulling together these messages to produce a coherent and accessible range of health promotion materials. She went above and beyond our expectations.

Ovtene Food Packaging Solutions, based in Italy, was seeking marketing and graphic design services to produce materials for us to test our product in the North American market. With Christiana's ability to quickly absorb and understand the product line and our goals, the entry to the food supply chain was beautifully displayed with clear understanding of Ovtene's use and the innovative benefits to the food industry. Christiana provided us with superior designs and exceeded our expectations!



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